Rope Cut 60ML

Rope Cut 60ML


  • 1,500 kr
  • Þú sparar 2,500 kr

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Rope Cut er skemmtileg tóbaksvökva lína frá Kanada. 
Mismunandi útfærslur af tóbaks brögðum færa fjölbreyttni til þeirra sem vilja halda í tóbaksbragðið.

Stærð: 60ml 
Flaska: Gler
VG Hlutfall: 70%
PG Hlutfall: 30%

Rope Cut -  Dark Thirty
A rich blend of raisin and plum tobacco with a hint of rum, it will leave your palate with a feeling of refinement and delight.

Rope Cut -  Loose Canon
Let yourself loose with this skillful blend of nuts and tobacco, rounded out with a creamy caramel flavor. 

Rope Cut -  Merrimack
A soft tobacco blend that combines hints of mint and vanilla.

Rope Cut -  Shellback
Sit back and reminisce while appreciating this blend of tobacco and green apple, with notes of buttery graham cracker. 

Rope Cut -  Skipper
Very smooth and very creamy, this classic custard tobacco flavor blend is the perfect balance and delicious.

Rope Cut -  Santo Domingo
Sail across the ocean and enjoy this extravagant tobacco blend that is infused with cinnamon and coconut. 

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