Skwezed 100ml
Skwezed 100ml

Skwezed 100ml

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Skwezed is a brand that many people should be familiar with as the hugely popular Green Apple has long been one of our best selling E-liquids. Now Skwezed has also added cold Green Apple liquid to the line so we have no doubt it will be just as popular if not more popular!

Size: 100ml (Shortfill, 120ml bottle)
Bottle: Plastic
VG Ratio: 70
PG Ratio: 30

Green Apple
Great liquid with only green apple flavour and quite a bit of it!

Green Apple Ice
Excellent liquid with a great taste of green apples mixed with refreshing cooling.

Banana flavor at its best

Banana Ice
Banana flavor with cooling

Fresh and good watermelon

Watermelon Ice
Much fresher watermelon, now with cooling

Sweet and fresh strawberries

Strawberry Ice
Just as sweet but considerably fresher strawberries here some cooling