Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of Icevape are as follows

We at Icevape pursue the goal of giving our customers personal and exemplary service.
The following is information about the terms and conditions that you agreed to when using our online store Icevape.is
If you have any questions we will happily answer them at icevape@icevape.is

Age restriction
In our shop and online store icevape.is there is a minimum age of 18 to shop. We reserve our right to ask people for proof of age by showing legal identification with a picture. If so happens that a customer has given false evidence of their age after a sale has been made in our store or online store the product that was bought will not be delivered and the sale will be refunded in full after a parent or guardian has been spoken to.
All attempts of individuals under the age of 18 to purchase on our online store paid or not will be reported to a parent or guardian
Repeat violations may lead to a report to authorities such as child protective services and/or police
Parents or guardians will be asked if a refund will be paid to them directly or the individual that placed the order
More on Age restriction may be found here: Age restriction

Cookies and privacy policy
Icevape.is uses cookies to improve the functionality of the site for you where it applies. By using our site you accept our use of cookies

All information that may be saved about you or your use of our site is strictly confidential and will never be delivered to a third party

The only time a third party is delivered any information from us is when an order is being paid. Then our system send you to a secure site from one of our payment providers that you select so that it's possible to connect an order and payment together.
All our payment providers adhere to strict security and privacy guidelines.

If you register to our email newsletter your information will be saved with our email service (Mailchimp).
Mailchimp adheres to the strictest privacy protection and your information will never willingly be delivered to a third party from us or Mailchimp.

By using our internet chat feature our customers are asked to provide their name, email and phone number. This is done so we can more easily contact customers if needed

Our privacy policy may be found here: Privacy policy

Icevape ships orders by the Icelandic post office within 24 hours during week days from when an order is placed. We will do our best to ship orders as fast as possible within that time
If an order is placed during the weekend, on holidays or on friday after noon the order will be shipped during the next week day.
If an order is placed after 15:00 during a week day it is not guaranteed that the order will make it to the post office that same day, although of course we will do our best each time.

Shipping rates are calculated from the total value of your shopping cart and is reduced the more is in your cart. You can find more about our shipping rates here: Delivery methods

Payments in our online store
All payments are performed through secure payment sites and Icevape does not store any credit card information or passwords. You can select from the following payment methods
Credit/Debit card - Paid through a secure site of our card service with a credit or debit card.
2. Netgíró - We will ship the order as soon as possible and you pay the order during the next 14 days

Payments in our shop

It's possible to pay in our shop with debit or credit cards, cash, Netgíró and Pei. ATTn we do not accept AMEX.

All prices in the shop and online store of Icevape are published with disclaimer of possible errors.
If a product is obviously wrongly priced due to a system error, human error or other reasons we reserve the right to cancel an order

Canceling order - Right to withdraw from contract

Special offer products may not be returned or replaced!

Return deadline of purchased products is 14 days from the date of purchase as long as there if sufficient proof of purchase, such as a receipt
Products that are sold with a seal may only be returned as long as that seal remains intact.
It's not possible to return product where a seal has been broken due to qualities of said products. This applies to e-cigarettes, tanks, pods, coils, chargers and e-liquid.
The products mentioned are consumer goods and it is impossible to deduce if a product has been used or not and if it's necessarily safe or clean if the seal has been breached. Such conditions are set in accordance with the exemptions in section e. Article 18 of legal act no. 16/2016 with regard to public health considerations and hygiene reasons.

If a customer wishes to withdraw from contract the customer will pay all shipping cost to resend the product to us.
A customer will after that be refunded for that product that is returned by the same price it was purchased.
Shipping costs are not refunded.
Customers have free choice on what method they return a product to us. whether it be in person, by another person delivering the product to us or by using the shipping company of their choice.
Products shipped by the Icelandic post office shall always be sent directly to our store (home delivery) not directly to the post office.

Refunds are not performed until the product has been delivered to us and confirmed that it fulfills all the conditions of returning products.

If a customer wishes store credit instead of a refund, or a replacement for another product, of course that will be processed properly by our best ability.

Errors, defects and other product returns

1. Tanks may only be returned/replaced if they are unused in their original packaging with the seal still intact by providing a receipt

Since the nature of tanks is very variable and it can't be known what battery, wattage or liquid customers are using each time it can't be guaranteed how long one tank will last each and every person. Furthermore it can't be guaranteed that a tank is suitable for the individual concerned because vaping and inhalation strength varies from person to person which means that for example a tank can leak with one user but not with another, coils can burn faster with one user but longer with another.
No warranty is given on tanks but we do what we can to help you find out what is causing problems should they arise with a tank purchased from us.

2. If a defect in a product is found that can be attributed to a manufacturing defect there is a statutory two-year warranty on electronic devices. But due to the nature of E-cigarettes they are produced with a minimum service life of three months for reference. Warranty does not cover defects that a manufacturer or seller can't be blamed for. For example defects cause by transportation, mishandling or abuse, poor maintenance, accidents or mishaps, natural disasters, electrical system interruptions, incorrect charging methods, impact or moisture damage.

The buyer's right to compensation is in accordance to Act on Consumer Purchases no. 48 / 2003
Note that in the case of a company Act on purchase of liquid assets no. 50 / 2000

The conditions for the warranty are of a general nature, such as that a defect is reported as soon as it can be noticed and that the device has not been tampered with by persons not authorized by the seller, except in consultation with the seller.

If a product is defective, the customer must notify the seller of the defect without undue delay from the time it became defective or could have become defective. The deadline for customers to file a complaint about a defect is never shorter than two months of the date they noticed the defect.

Coils are not subject to warranty due to the fact that they are manufactured to last at a maximum of two weeks from when they are first used, but can last down to a few hours in rare cases. The lifetime of coils varies by use, the flavors used in the liquid, preparation (to allow the cotton to soak for 5-10 minutes before use) and such. For those reasons it's obviously not possible to have these products under warranty due to the face that it cannot be proven that it was defective on sale.

If a customer believes a product to be defective it needs to be delivered to us for inspection, whether it's delivered in person in our shop or shipped to us, if no defect is found in a product after inspection it shall be resent at the customer's expense
Do not ship products to us without contacting us first!

Cheaper batteries can be run out after 90 days of constant use or charging. Rechargeable batteries do not have an infinite capacity and degrade over time. If you consider the product defective rather than run out, you can send it to us and we will inspect it and evaluate whether it is a defect or usage.

It's very important to keep the receipt from our shop or online store and all product packaging  so that we can work with the warranty issue. If the box and adequate proof of purchase is not available, little can be done in terms of warranty issues

To return a product to us it needs to be shipped in well packaged in A mail per your expense. We'll also need the original receipt, full name, social security number and phone number. If it applies it's very important to have the original product packaging and the package it arrived in, for example if the product is packaged in a box with a picture and information on the product. Information on the reason of return should also be included
A customer pays the shipping cost on products sent to us, but if a defect falls under warranty the shipping cost will be refunded.
If a product turns out not to be defective we will ship the product back at the customer's expense

Customers that attempt to return to us cloned products, that is products that are imitations or products not purchased from us and not made by manufacturers that we don't supply or sell from, will have the product resent to them on their expense, and those customers will not be allowed to shop with us on our online store or shop and the case will be handled as product fraud according to laws.


In the event of a dispute between the seller and the buyer, the buyer can request that the matter be examined by a third party, the so called adjudicator. The buyer must request it directly to the Product and service purchase complaints commitee, which deals with the matter

Goods and services Purchase Complaints committee
Borgartún 21
105 Reykjavík


We welcome suggestions regarding these terms and we always want to provide our customers with the best possible service. If there is anything you think is unfair or unclear in these terms, please contact us.

These terms are subject to change without notice.