Website updates

We are working hard on our latest website update.
Updating a website can have it's challenges and this time it surely does, since we are updating a few years old theme to the newest version.
That means some plugins and portions of the website take some time for us to get working and displaying right again.
On top of this, we have been working for a long time on making our website more user friendly for our none-Icelandic speaking customers.
This means that from now on, all the content that we will put on our website will be available in Icelandic, English and Polish.
If you are on a computer, you can see the language selector at the top right of the site and at the bottom of the site.
If you are on mobile, the language selector is at the bottom of the site.

Now this does come with it's challenges, main challenge being that we do not speak Polish, so that we need to use Auto Translate for that.
Auto translating Polish from Icelandic is not a good thing, so we will need to change our product descriptions and other information to English, and then auto translate from English to Polish.
This means that some translations may seem really strange, and while we finish this work, some product descriptions will not be available in all languages, including Icelandic.

We hope you show us all patience while we work on this big project and that it will come to good use for our customers in the long run.

Some plugins we use, we are not able to translate at all, so for now they will still be displayed in Icelandic, but the plugin developers are working on updating the apps so they will be translatable but that will take months of work for them.
We will just need to be patient about that and give them the time they need to finish that project.

Best regards
Hjalti Ásgeirsson
Icevape ehf.

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